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    This dataset has been produced in the framework of the CALHYCO research programme: Characterization of hydrodynamics coastal hazards. This dataset contains: 1) in-situ records of water level and wave height parameters from spectral analysis, on a transect perpendicular to the reef, at the reef slope (RS) and the reef flat (RF). 2) Numerical modelling of water levels and wave heights on the reef using the XBeach model in "surf beat" mode A "readme" file, downloadable with the data files, describes the nomenclature of the files and the variables measured. These in-situ surveys took place on the western side of La Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) in a microtidal zone frequently exposed to Southern Ocean swell and cyclonic events. Coral reefs represent an efficient natural mechanical coastal defense against ocean waves. The objective of CALHYCO is to provide a better understanding of the coastal defense characteristics of the reef system against these events.